Duck Derby 2016

2016 Duck Derby Winners

Grand Prize – $3000.00
Chris Sweetoniowski with duck named Dallis.
Ticket sold by Alexis S.

Second place – $2000.00
Tammy Matthews with Develish Duck

Third place – $1000.00
Amanda Morgan with duck named Mae

Fourth place – $500.00
Matt Prentice

Fifth place – YMCA – WEIU 1 year family membership
Katrina Tezyk with duck named Sonny

Sixth place – Midlakes Navigation Gift Certificate
Karen Cuff with duck named Maggie

Seventh place – $250.00
Kelly Covich with duck named Kelbee

Eighth place – $250.00
Vince Contrera with duck named Chris

Ninth place – $100.00
Lenny Caputa with Duck named Greg Biffle

Last Place Duck – $100.00
Walt Norris

All proceeds benefit local non-profit agencies.

For information on the Duck Derby, to volunteer, or  find out how your organization can benefit from selling tickets contact: Joe Manning 315-246-9956